Ichiryusai HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

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Shionada from Kisokaido rokujukyutsugi no uchi, “Sixty-nine Stations of the Kisokaido.” The set of seventy prints was started by Eisen and published by Hoeido in 1835, but in 1837 Hiroshige took over and completed the series with the publisher Iseya Rihei (Kinjudo). Shows boatmen and river porters in the early morning waiting for trade on the banks of the Chikuma River. The river was broad here and the ferry did not always cross. The porters would be engaged to take travellers across on platforms or even on their backs.

Fine and extremely early impression. The corner of the publisher’s seal always shows broken off, even on the earliest impressions. Fine colour. Left border trimmed, otherwise fine condition. Signed Hiroshige ga.


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