Totoya HOKKEI (1780-1850)

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A fisherman with a scoop and net seemingly trying to catch the moon’s reflection. One of an excessively rare chuban series with title Toshi gafu no uchi, “Drawing Album for Chinese Poems” printed in red, and sub-title Toshin denshi. Printed in tones of blue except for a light flush on the horizon. Another impression ( trimmed ) was in the Vever collection ( ex Hayashi ), Sotheby’s, Part III, lot 295. Other impressions ( damaged ) are in the BM, ref: 1937, 0710,0,230 and Honolulu Museum of Art, ref: 14463. Hokkei was one of Hokusai’s best pupils and designed many fine surimono.

Fine impression, colour and condition. Signed Hokkei.

Status: Sold

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