Utagawa KUNIYOSHI ( 1797-1861 )

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One print from a set of four with title Miburi juni omoi gatsu, “Gestures for the Twelve Months.” Each “gesture” or “caricature” is being performed by a Kabuki actor: So here the 6th month is Nakamura Tsuruzo imitating the serpent of Mt Fuji ( upper right ); 7th month is Otani Tomoemon IV as the gargoyle Onigawara ( lower left ); 8th month is Ichikawa Kuzo II as the turtle-like water sprite Enko ( lower right ); 9th month is Onoe Kikujiro II as the chrysanthemum butterfly. Published c 1847-48 by Ebisuya Shoshichi. Rare.

Fine impression, colour and condition. Signed Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi giga, “Drawn for fun.”

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