Ichiryusai HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

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Saruwakacho yoru no kei, “Night View of Saruwaka ( Monkey ) Theatre Street ” from The Hundred Views of Edo published Dragon 9, 1856, by Uoya Eikichi. One of the best prints from the set and a striking design with its deep perspective and shadows. The avenue was where Edo’s kabuki and puppet theatres were rebuilt after a fire in 1841. There were also tea-houses and restaurants. Various editions exist of this print and the easiest way of identifying them is by the block used for the evening sky: The earliest state has a distinctive woodgrain ( see this website also Kobijutsu, Special Issue, Hiroshige, March 1983, no. 414 ). The second state ( as here ) also has a distinctive, but different, woodgrain pattern, while the third and later states lack any prominent woodgrain in the sky ( see Hiroshige, Matthi Forrer, 1997, no. 98 ). The moon is also placed differently on first and subsequent editions together with other small changes in the lanterns and lights.

Fine, early edition with nice bokashi against the moon. Very good colour and condition. This state has sumi graded at the end of the street and emphasised shadows which gives a different feel from the first state. One’s preference is subjective. Signed Hiroshige ga.

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