Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1832-1892) and Yamazaki TOSHINOBU (1857-1886)

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Takanawa tetsudo no zu, “A Picture of the Takanawa Railway.” The train is shown on an embankment in Shinagawa Bay ( approx. 4.5 miles from Nihonbashi ). There was government opposition at the time to building the railway on the shore, hence the reclaimed land that forms the embankment. In fact the train is copied from an engraving in the Illustrated London News published in 1855 where it is described as being owned by the Panama railway for transporting letters and money. The inscription on the side of the second carriage on the engraving reads: U.S. MAIL’S which becomes: US MAUS on the triptych. Published by Maruya Jinpachi 1871. This is the first edition: It was reissued ( probably many times ) with crude colouring and the inscription in far left cartouche removed.

Fine impression and colour. Very good condition. Completely untrimmed. Signed Ikkaisai Yoshitoshi zu, johitsu ( “with the help of” ) Toshinobu.

Status: Sold

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