Kochoro KUNISADA (1786-1865)

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The Eitai Bridge ( Eitaibashi ) from a second series of five prints with title: Komo abura-e fu, “Drawings in the Red Hair [ Dutch ] Oil Painting Style.” Shows beauties in a pleasure boat in the foreground with a view along the Sumida of Eitai Bridge and Tsukuda Island. A mass of masts is shown in the harbour. ( At this time – c. 1825 – pure spring water and mountain streams supplied the canals and rivers with drinking water and the mouth of the Sumida was abundant with sea and fresh water fish. A distinct difference from today. ) This extremely rare set mimics Dutch leather with the borders and European writing with horizontal calligraphy. Published c. 1825 by Kinkodo.

Very good impression with extremely well retained colour. Minor soil, otherwise very good condition. Signed Konomi ni makase Kunisada egaku, “Drawn by request by Kunisada.”

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