Ichiryusai HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

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Horikiri no hana shobu, “Flowering Irises at Horikiri” from Meisho Edo hyakkei, the “One Hundred Views of Edo” published by Uoei between 1856 and 1858 ( this being 1857 ). The village of Horikiri, situated up the Sumida River from Edo, was famous for growing irises, azaleas, morning glory and chrysanthemums. Large foreground images, such as the blooms here, was a popular compositional device used by Hiroshige and impressed and was picked-up by many French artists of the late 19th century. One of Hiroshige’s most popular prints.

Very good impression with strong woodgrain still evident in the sky and right iris. Fine colour and condition. Signed Hiroshige ga.

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