Katsushika HOKUSAI (1760-1849)

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Sekirei and fuji, wagtail and wisteria from a set of ten chuban prints published c 1832. The first edition ( as here ) was published by and has the seal Eijudo. A later edition is known with combined manji and kiwame seal from different blocks ( some also printed on thin Chinese-style paper ), and there are also impressions extant without any seals which probably constitutes a third state. All impressions are rare and the first state excessively so. Indeed these prints are considered even rarer than the larger bird and flower set Hokusai designed c 1833. The printing and colour on the series comes close to surimono quality. Another impression was in my Catalogue 19, 1977, no. 10. See Hokusai, Richard Lane, 1989, no. 161, p. 296 for a list of the complete set. Each print has a Chinese poem written in hiragana.

Very fine impression and colour. Minor marks and slight trimming, otherwise fine. Signed Zen Hokusai I-itsu hitsu.

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