Utagawa YOSHITORA (Fl. c 1850-1880)

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An okubi-e of the onnagata actor Bando Mitsugoro V in the role of Shindo Saemon’s daughter Yushide. From a set of large heads of actors past and present which were to be the pinnacle of Kunisada’s career. The set was intended to have one hundred and fifty prints but only seventy-two were completed (with Yoshitora designing twelve). Only the most expensive materials and the finest printers and engravers were employed. Shows Yushide in the play Karukaya doshin tsukushi no iezuto who, in a fit of remorse, stabs herself in the throat with an arrow (seen here used as a hair pin). Published by Ebisuya Shoshichi, 1862.


Very fine impression and colour. Fine condition. Signed Yoshitora ga.


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