Ryuryukyo SHINSAI (Active c 1799-1823)

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A surimono showing a scroll with a painting of a Takarabune ship and an enameled Persian clock (with Arabic numerals). Norizome, “Maiden Voyage [of the New Year].” The Takarabune, “Treasure Ship” is associated with the new year and carries the Seven Lucky Gods (Shichifukujin) with their treasures. Shinsai was a pupil of Hokusai and is best known for his surimono prints. Issued in 1822 by the Taiko-gawa, “Drum Poetry Group” with their emblem top right. Three poems by Shikishishima Michikusa; Ume no Sugatame; Fugentai. Another (trimmed) impression is in the MET, JP2116.

Fine impression. Very good colour. Minor soil, otherwise very good condition. Signed Shinsai.

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