Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1839-1892)

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Kintaro rigyo o toru, “Kintaro Captures the Carp.” The “golden boy” of superhuman strength, a.k.a. Sakata no Kintoki and Kaidomaru, grapples with a giant carp which had been terrorizing the neighbourhood. There are conflicting stories about Kintaro’s origins but he is normally shown with his mother, Yama-uba, on Mount Ashigara where he developed a friendship with the mountain animals. The carp is associated with enormous strength and consequently needed great power to overcome it. From a set of fine vertical diptychs published by Matsui Eikichi, this design in 1885. It was republished by Hasegawa Tsunejiro in 1897. Arguably the best print from the set and one of Yoshitoshi’s finest designs.


Fine impression. Very good colour and condition. With full margins: This set often comes with the left margin, with the publication date, trimmed off. Signed Oju Yoshitoshi ga..


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