Hishikawa SORI (Active 1797-1813)

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An original painting, full colour on silk, 43.25 x 14 in; 109.8 x 35.6 cms. An early pupil of Hokusai (who gave him his name Hishikawa Sori in 1798, it previously being Tawaraya). Generally referred to as Sori III. Produced a considerable number of small surimono – some of which can be confused with Hokusai’s work. Shows a beauty with a monkey at her feet. There is a print closely following the painting published in 1906. Illustrated in Nihon ukiyoe hakubutsukan, ed., Nikuhitsu ukiyoe senshu gekan (Selected Painting of Ukiyo-e, second vol.) Tokyo: Gakushu kenkyusha, 1985, plate 193.


In very good condition. Signed Hyakurin Sori ga with seal Sori.


Status: Available


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