Totoya HOKKEI (1780-1850)

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An original painting, full colour with gold outline to robe, 32 x 10.75 in; 81.3 x 27.3 cms, on silk. Shows a beauty erotically biting on her hand towel (tenugui) while on the way to a public bath house. This gesture represented deep emotion. Hokkei was one of Hokusai’s earliest and best pupils who not only produced paintings but illustrated books and is especially known for his fine surimono. Illustrated in Nihon ukiyoe hakubutsukan, ed., Nikuhitsu ukiyoe senshu gekan (Selected Painting of Ukiyo-e, second vol.) (Tokyo: Gakushu kenkyusha , 1985). Plate 188. In very good condition with an interesting shibori (tie-dyed) mount, cleverly echoing the pattern on the material she holds. Signed Hokkei ga with Hokkei seal.


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