Okumura MASANOBU (1686-1764)

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Shogatsu, “First Month” from a shunga set Someiro no yama neya no hinagata, “Mountains of Dyed Colours, Examples for the Bedroom.” Shows a New Year scene with the master of an opulent household enjoying the holiday with his wife and a young man of his fancy. The poem alludes to the pleasures of both male-male and male-female sex. Published c 1740. Others from the set are illustrated in Tim Clark, Shunga:Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art, BM, 2013, pp. 147-151. Masanobu is one of the most important figures in Ukiyo-e being the proprietor of a shop but also a publisher, an illustrator of books, print publisher, painter, and inventor of the hashira-e and uki-e as well as being at the forefront of advancements in colour printing. Rare.


Fine impression. Hand colouring, slightly faded. Minor backed wormage, but otherwise very good condition given the date.


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