Kitagawa KIKUMARO (c. 1753-1830)

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A bust portrait of the courtesan Agemaki of the Miuraya House compared to the poet Fun’ya no Yasuhide, one of the Six Immortal Poets (and shown in the roundel above). Obviously a set of six prints published by Maruya Bun’emon. It can be dated to 1802-4 because the character for kiku was changed from reading “chrysanthemum” (before 1802) to meaning “joy eternal” from 1802 to 1804 when he changed his signature to Tsukimaro. Yasuhide’s famous poem (no 22 in the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu) about the autumn wind blowing the leaves and grasses is at the top.


Very good impression, colour and condition. Signed Kikumaro fude.


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