Kakemono-e ISHIZURI-E (c. late 18th century)

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A falcon perched on a tree trunk above flowering camellias and a stream. These kakemono-e lie somewhere between prints and paintings. The actual technique employed seems to have involved pressing dampened paper into engraved wood. The pigment is then applied to the raised areas; the print then being laid onto thicker paper and pressed home giving a crinckley surface. They have traditionally been ascribed to Koryusai although examples are known with other signatures. Another example of this design was in the Vever collection, Sothebys, Part 1, 26/3/1974, no. 88, p. 69 where Jack Hillier states: ?The kakemono-e are however extraordinary technical and artistic creations, and the present specimen is one of the finest of the designs, comparable to the famous ?White Falcon? in the AIC ( Harunobu, etc., No. 181, p. 271 ).? ( That example appears to have been badly cut at the bottom. ) 35.5 x 11.5 inches, 90 x 29 cms. Mounted as a painting with rollers and box. Excessively rare.

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