Katsukawa SHUNSHO (1726?-1792)

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An original painting, sumi and full colour on silk, 32.25 x 10 in; 82 x 25.5 cms. An important print artist and his paintings being considered one of the glories of Ukiyo-e. Produced a considerable number of hosoban actor prints from the late 1760s on as well as collaborating on the Ehon butai ogi illustrated book with Buncho in 1770 and Seiro bijin awase sugata kagami with Kitao Shigemasa in 1776. He had many pupils including Shunko, Shun’ei and Hokusai. Shows a court beauty reclining and reading a book. The painting of the face, hair and the lacquer stand holding the cloth screen are exceptional. Painted c. 1789. In very good condition.



Signed Katsu Shunsho ga with seal Jui.



Status: Sold



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