Yashima GAKUTEI (1786 ?-1868)

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Best known for his surimono although he produced fine paintings, some good landscapes and was also known as a poet. A surimono, one of a set of two on the martial arts of Japan and China, this obviously being Japan: Wakan butoku no uchi. Shows a helmet with a demon’s head and a red-lacquered baton with leather strips. These are usually the accoutrements of the famous general Kato Kiyomasa (1562-1611). Two poems by Shusetsutei Kuranushi and Shuchodo Monoyana. Issued c. 1820. Three collector’s seals au verso including Kunsthalle Bremen. Rare.



Very fine impression and colour with extensive gold, silver and bronze. Light edge tape on back, otherwise very good condition. Signed Gakutei.



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