Ichiryusai HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

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Asakusa Kinryuzan, “Kinryuzan Temple at Asakusa” Meisho Edo hyakkei, “The Hundred Views of Famous Places in Edo.” The view shown by Hiroshige is through the Kaminarimon gateway with the large hanging lantern after a heavy snowfall. The great temple, which still stands, was in the northern part of Edo, not far from the Yoshiwara. Published by Uoya Eikichi who published the set between 1856 – 1858 (this being 1856). There are 118 prints in the set plus a replacement design by Hiroshige II. This is one of Hiroshige’s best known designs.


Very good impression, colour and condition. Grain showing on the red wooden post at left and the lines still crisp. On later editions the red and green pigment gets cruder and the sky darker. And even later a slipping plug becomes evident in the blue area at bottom, below the black line at left. Signed Hiroshige ga.


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