Suzuki HARUNOBU (1724-1770)

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A beauty standing beside a stream where wild chrysanthemums grow. A mitate-e (parody) of Kikujido, the Chrysanthemum Boy, who was the favourite of the Chinese Emperor Mu (c. 950 B.C.). However, because of court jealousy, he was banished but had his exile eased by the Emperor who gifted him the ability to read sacred Buddhist texts. He became an immortal, spending his days surrounded by chrysanthemums and inscribing words of peace on the flowers’ petals. This is the second state: The first (private edition) is a calendar print with a signature (of an amateur) Kinga Ko and seal and has the year and its cyclical signs for 1766. These Harunobu calendar prints, printed in small numbers, were commissioned by wealthy individuals between c. 1764 and 1766 and so popular that they were published commercially. Rare.


Very good impression and colour Very minor edge soil, otherwise very good condition. Signed Suzuki Harunobu ga.


Status: Available


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