Tamura SADANOBU (Fl. c 1720s-1730s)

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The An artist who seems to have specialised in triptychs. Shows the actor Ichikawa Monnosuke I shielding his head with a large sedge hat (kasa). The middle sheet (naka) of a triptych with title: Hana shobu irotagai sannpukutsui, “A Triptych of Irises in Alternating Colours.”(Possibly following the colours irises come in: Blue, purple, white.) On the sleeves are the auspicious characters denoting long life. Published by Murataya Jirobe (Eiyudo), c mid 1720s.

Very good impression. Urushi beni-e with hand-applied colour: tan, blue and beni. Lacquered sumi over an embossed pattern and gold powder. Slight loss of the sumi, otherwise very good condition. Signed Tamura Sadanobu hitsu.

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