Kubo SHUNMAN (1757-1820)

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An original painting, sumi and colour on silk, 37 x 13 in; 94 x 33 cms. Shows a parading courtesan wearing a kimono of subdued colouring, being painted in sumi hues. She provocatively raises the hem of her monochromatic dress to reveal a bright red under-garment. Shunman, a man of great sophistication, designed only a few prints before concentrating on surimono and printing and issuing some of the finest in this format. (See The Japanese Print: A New Approach, J. Hillier, pp. 102-104 where he says “Probably no artist except Choki has achieved so high a reputation on such a small number of prints.”) He also excelled at painting, book illustration and light verse. Above is a poem by Ota Nampo (Shokuzanjin), a famous poet and fiction writer (1749-1823), as well as an occasional painter. In very good condition, signed and sealed Shunman.


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