Katsushika HOKUSAI (1760-1849)

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A surimono, Hara, from an untitled Tokaido set, generally called the Surimono Tokaido. Published in 1804 for a kyoka club. There are 59 prints in the set; 8 being in this horizontal tanzaku format, the rest being koban size. This is the very rare first edition with the kyoka poems. In the second edition, also in 1804, the poems are left out. There is also a third edition in 1805 and a fourth in the 1840s where these tanzaku designs were replaced by koban prints designed by Hokusai’s pupil Yanagawa Shigenobu. Shows travellers admiring Fuji.



Very fine impression. Fine colour and condition. Signed Gakyojin Hokusai ga.



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