Ichiryusai HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

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The compound of the Tenman Shrine at Kameido, Kameido Tenmangu keidai no yuki. The best design from a Toto meisho set of 21 prints published by Kikakudo (Sanoki) c 1832-5 and then extended to 55 in c. 1839-42. Also one of the best known places in Edo with the Drum Bridge, koi ponds and wisteria which flowered in the Fifth Month. The main shrine is dedicated to the memory of Sugawara no Michizane (Tenjin), the father of Japanese learning and built in 1662. Hiroshige shows the shrine in winter under falling snow.


Fine early impression with the red publisher’s seal in right margin (later editions having the black seal of Sanoki). These later editions have a black sky and a block defect appears at the edge of the pond centre left. Fine colour. Small restoration bottom left corner, otherwise very good condition. Signed Hiroshige ga.


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