Utagawa KUNIYOSHI (1797-1861)

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Inuyama Dosetsu, one of the eight dog heroes, enveloped in a conflagration. The heroes represent a Confucian ideal or Buddhist regulation and meet various adversaries in the epic Nanso satomi hakkenden, “Biography of the Eight Dogs” written by Takizawa Bakin between 1814 and 1842. Dosetsu is gifted with magic fire and is seen here with pine sprigs wrapped in paper clenched between his teeth. The subject represents Warabi Station (seen top left) from a set Kisokaido rokujuku tsugi, “Sixty-nine Stations along the Kisokaido.” In fact, a pun on the word warabi which can also mean “straw fire.” The bales can be seen bottom right. Published by Izutsuya Shokichi 1852. The best design from the set.


Fine impression and colour. Lightly backed and very slight vertical fold, otherwise very good condition. Signed Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi


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