Okumura MASANOBU (1686-1764)

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One of the most influential and innovative print designers, publishers and painters. He is also credited with inventing the hashira-e as well as being the first to use multiple-block printing. A wide hashira-e (habahiro hashira-e, 24 x 6 in; 61 x 15 cms) showing the actor Sanogawa Ichimatsu I. Masanobu designed a number of prints showing this popular actor who started the fashion for the hisobi pattern on his costume which is now called the Ichimatsu moyo. Published by Masanobu c 1741. Rare.

Fine impression. Hand-applied colour: yellow, light red and light orange. Slight fading, otherwise very good condition. Signed Hogetsudo shomei Okumura Bunkaku Masanobu shohitsu, “Truly published by Hogetsudo and true brush by Okumura Masanobu” with seal Tanchosai.

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